About me

My photography is more about abstractness than it is about place.
I always introspect and reflect on the overall feel of where I am, this in combination with my own personal impressions of the moment.

The images I create are about feeling, conveying a sense of disquietude or uncertainty as well as the idea that memories are not always clearcut images of the past.


In order to materialise these conceptions, rather than present specific individual images, I combine or reconfigure various aspects or fragments into a whole. With focus on the physical characteristics of wherever I happen to be, on exploration, and on particular scenes or settings, I lace these images with memories, feelings and atmospheric recollections in order to convey my overall state of mind at the time.

Regardless of circumstance, my photographs are more than simple visuals or documentations of physical appearance at specific points in time. Rather, my purpose is to convey the totality of personal experience through my work.